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Occasionally, only occasionally, people forget being fake; and only in a few among those rare occasions they speak what they think

Sharon Stone rules! If only her career was as good as her debut… may be that’s asking for too much

As can be expected, a billion-plus Chinese are hurt because of the “cold-bloodedness” of truth, something that goes contrary to what their government wants them to believe. Worse is what the PC media will do to her…

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May 29, 2008 at 07:29


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In general, but not in particular

Where do we err, in raising the question, in dwelling upon it, or in not knowing of an alternative? Those who don’t know the question are a contended lot, so are those who know the answer. Just like in an error function!

The question, invariably, boils down to who we are: “Mir or Mirza?” Does it matter? Should it matter?

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May 18, 2008 at 12:29

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Not so long ago,  when forced to learn programming languages, I was dumbfounded by the most ridiculous topic ever: “Last in, First out” Seriously, who would ever have thought that such things are of any consequence to our lives… but “such is life and so shall it be lived” and I mugged it up and threw it up in the test. Got some good marks too, and never bothered about it since. Until now…

One of the persistent cribs of every man on (& off) this planet is the lack of good opportunities/options… lack of beauty in day-to-day life etc. So what do we do, we create God and we blame everything on him. Probably the last original thing that we did. Actually second last, last will always be ethanol. Well, third last to be rigorous: cricket was the last. And we killed it first. Sadly, LIFO works! As a concept, there is nothing in IPL that I can object to rationally, an unanswerable objection to this line of thought is that it is not yet decided whether cricket is a sport or an art. Strictly going by the Wodehouse metric, the latter has been on the defensive these days since Akram retired, but not so much as to make this issue into another global warming. In any case, my objection is not to the idea of compressing the duration of the game, nor is it about the commercialization of the game. It is about calling it cricket. Sure there is cricket somewhere in IPL, but it is no more about cricket than a reality show is about reality: it is the subject, but not the content. And that is what gives me hope, that beyond the usual bunch of fools, most of us will switch back to the five-day version whenever it’s back on air.

Some time back, a ‘politically correct’ Pulitzer prize winning article argued that genius won’t be recognized by people unless it is labeled (and has a price-tag). Today we see that labeling doesn’t make much difference either: McGrath bowls to “ODI Economy” in a system designed for “Chinese Growth”, and what do we do: salivate on imported cheerleaders. Darwin was right, but we don’t realize that either.

PS: Neitsze thought he killed God, but got killed by God killed instead.

PS2: One good thing to come out of IPL is that atleast we know one thing that Sreesanth can do well. His weeping-talents are somewhere in the genius-zone.

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May 3, 2008 at 10:45

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