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Americans had their Obama sometime back. The idea is neat. Times are difficult, everyone wants someone who shows the way. God is death but faith is not. On comes this guy who makes every one believe that this person stands for the exact same things as themselves. No one bothers to find out what (& who) he stands for… no one even wants to. The worst part is that most of the people did not even bother to think through what it is that they want, and whether they are fine with the consequences of their ‘want’s. To sum up l’affaire Obama, every one forgot what it is that they wanted in the frenzy of wanting Obama to win. They got what they wanted (Obama) but it did not solve any of their problems. They are not happy either.

India always follows America, even when it says it follows someone else. Ask the Russians. We have now created our ObAnna. The government is rotten. We have as a prime minister someone who does not even have the decency to go and ask people to elect him in some constituency. He is proudly a Rajya Sabha Prime Minister, in other words, he has shown us the finger. The government is rotten, both at the center and in the states. Conscientious citizens were busy watching IPL (or whatever else it is called) during the elections, so they are now pissed at everyone else for the present situation. So everyone sees what the Americans did in their elections. Minus the voting part, the whole idea is deemed copyable. The people now create their own Ob(ama)Anna, completely forgetting that Obama did not solve any of the problems in America. I guess it is not about solving our problems, it is about wanting something and getting it. Even if it is creating a Benevolent Dictator for Life (BDfL). Should not the fact that this person and his coterie, are eagerly volunteering for the job warn us about this idea? Well, we are the descendents of those who sold each other to the East India companies. This can’t be the first time we are screwing ourselves over… it certainly won’t be the last.

Rahul Gandhi is right. They are two Indias: those who vote and those who don’t. I think the former are happier of the two. The latter are creating this BDfL to reduce the happiness-gap.

Written by kowsik

August 24, 2011 at 08:19

Posted in life

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