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If we observe the entire human population for a reasonably long duration, I have no doubt that we will be forced to conclude that man’s* ultimate problem is life. It follows that an^ obvious way to end this problem is death, a solution so frightening that we keep running away from it, and in that process run deeper into the problem until we are put out of this misery: either by a benign fellow mortal or by some immortal character who gets bored by our antics.^^The utterly hopeless, desperately optimistic fools that we are, we spend long hours debating what experiences we get to have if and when we are released from this universal problem. Well atleast this does endup liberating quite a few of us, though admittedly against our wishes, at the hands of quite a few others who take this whole intellectual masturbation a bit too seriously– poor morons never realize the exact reasoning as to how their actions can be considered as ‘social service’^^^. The question is, considering how low the altruistic levels of the human race are, would they do the same if they came to know how much they are helping the others, and how fast they are losing all the good seats at the theatres where all these ‘freed people’ are headed? Incidentally, the number and quality of these theatres is a widely popular subject of debate, and hence ‘relief’.

* Man, unlike woman, does not carry woe at the head and hence is expected to lead to more cheerful conclusions

^ There are supposed to be some other solutions that involve sitting under the right kinds of trees for very long periods. So tedious that waiting for liberation is preferred by almost everyone

^^ A good question to ponder upon here is about whether we are addicted to life? A futher and more intellectually (and physically) gratifying extension would be to compare this to an addiction to coffee/tea

^^^Some of them liberate themselves too

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August 6, 2006 at 06:54

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