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As Kboy reminded me sometime back

दैवी ह्येषा गुणमयी मम माया दुरत्यया ।

मामेव ये प्रपद्यन्ते मायामेतां तरन्ति ते ॥७- १४

Every time I come across a reference to Advaita, I am carried away for a while along a tangent. Surprisingly it’s never the philosophy itself that is the subject, nor are the tangents themselves of similar terrain.

One of the navigable tangents has been the question about nature and its own nature. While the former itself is obviously(?) as real as our own physical self, what about the nature of nature (its features/characteristics…) Is it what we believe it is? Even our most logically proven beliefs are overturned every once in a while, so how real is the reality that we are concerned about? A familiar example is of our beliefs about Earth (its nature) and its neighbors (planets/stars) It’s not that our beliefs turn out to be erroneous only regarding the issues that do not directly concern us, far from it their occurrence is relatively rare when compared to how often our beliefs about ourselves (& our surroundings) turn out to be mere delusions. Self-interest is often given as an excuse for our blindness to the obvious, but its obvious implications make it almost improbable to be accepted by any one. Either that is the case, or the reason might be a slightly different manifestation of the same root cause. Looking around, while drifting tangentially, I was suddenly faced with the possibility that we fail to see the obvious because we do not bother to see it. Either it’s our apathy, or we might actually be blind. Since self-interest prevents us from accepting the latter, we can conveniently stick to the theory that we are so obsessed with making up theories about what we look at that we miss out on actually seeing what is around us.

Proof: As people have been repeating for quite some time, `The proof of the pudding lies in eating it.’ In a similar fashion, the proof for the above theory lies in the burnt vegetables in my kitchen!

PS: There was a painful tangent too: there was an earlier attempt to make up a seemingly absurd theory whose absurdity was limited to ‘seemingly’. As should be obvious by the absence of its records, it didn’t go well!

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January 15, 2008 at 10:50

A new year

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1) Tata Nano unveiled: we CAN design something that the common man needs/wants

2) IGMDP is wrapped up! Because: we wanted to build missiles that were needed by our defense forces. We did it.

2) Indian Navy stands up to the Russian suppliers

3) PM is visiting China, are the above two timed for this?

4) Down under, Aussies still don’t get it why they can’t bully us forever

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January 12, 2008 at 10:06

Down Under

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Yes, we lost a test match because

a) Aussies played foul

b) Bucknor hated us

c) we couldn’t bat for 72 overs

d) we are this poor nation whose resources have all been looted out but, we are valiantly fighting against these imperialist… whatever

We lost a match because, all things said and done, we could not give our best when it mattered. Guess how we reacted? With shame? Determined not to fail in the next match? No, we took that hallowed post-freedom path of Idiocy! What else can it be called when a nation with a cricketing history of 50 years acts like a 5 year old kid? The way we look at it, everyone was conspiring against us, just like it happens in those never-ending soaps on TV. May be, for us cricket is not a sport. It’s just another soap.

Only this can explain the `professional’ conduct of BCCI, and how it gets away with it. Even if it were filled with industrialists (if not cricketers), one would still hope for a saner approach to cricket, sadly it is filled with politicians: the section of our society that we love to hate. This is where the contradiction between our words and our actions is most obvious. We hate our politicians for their absolute disregard for accountability and incompetence in all things unrelated to corruption. In spite of the applicability of these descriptions to BCCI, we worship our cricketers. Smart, or what?

Without doubt we have the worst possible attitude towards any sort of industrious activity, sports being just one of them. We want results without putting in the hardwork. By God we know what Gita says, and we are content with that knowledge. For that we believe that we deserve all the fruits of this world, without having to pluck them. We feel cheated when we go in to the cricket field armed with this knowledge, and don’t get those cups. Like 5 year old kids, we believe we should get everything that we deserve. Without breaking any sweat. And, like 5 year olds, we believe we deserve everything. Where were we, when the rest of the world was growing up?

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January 11, 2008 at 10:20

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