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On one hand:
We have faith. We do not do what is believed to be right because it is against our instincts, accumulate guilt, make our lives miserable, make other lives miserable… all the time living on the hope(faith) that after an (in)finitely long period/cycles we get out of it! Removing Jargon, that’s what it is! As to what we get after that, opinion is divided as to the details, not bothering about which unanimity prevails that it is a sea of pleasure (removing the jargon again!)

On the other:
We leave faith aside (not the same as denying), and stick to rationalizing what we can see & infer from our limited cognitive capabilities: That we are a minor speck (inconsequential or not) among the humanity, which is a speck (…) in the contemporary life on Earth, which is a speck lying somewhere on the timescale of evolution, which is a speck somewhere along the evolution of Earth, which doesn’t even figure as a speck in the Milky Way, in a manner not much unlike the relative lack of prominence of Milky Way in the whole scheme of things in the `known’ Universe… It appears rather trivial that this `knowledge’ might lead to an almost painless life as nothing is as important as we might otherwise believe it to be, but it fares no better than the other theoretically-only sound ideas. Reality once again ruins it for us; thanks to our accumulated conditioning, valiant attempts aside, we almost never achieve the on-paper rational perspective inspite of our best efforts (partly due to the security/assurance that faith offers): to sum up we end up fucked up!

Either way, it doesn’t seem to make any difference… as they say about the best laid plans of mice and men, so it seems to be of our most elegant thoughts!

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February 14, 2008 at 09:30


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There are exclamations, and there are exclamations. There are those that are uttered when the mind is spellbound, and those when it is dumbfounded– the elegant and the crass… the `cultured’ aesthetic and the `can’t help it’ shocking… but the words that you are reading here are not among those. These are not the words that escape us on sudden realizations– those `A ha’ moments and those `Oh Shit’ moments! These belong to an entirely different category: words that take time to come out– happening to be amongst the most deceiving kind (not to the reader of course). It takes ages sometimes for these to come out and even then, by their very nature, the person uttering these is doubtful that there can be any truth in them– for it is vanity that brings about such words, and it is vanity that takes the fingers to the keyboard! These are the consequences of prolonged pondering on `what’s, `why’s and `how’s… of subjects and objects… of `whether’ the questions are ordered `right’ or `wrong’… of whether there exist any answers or not… of whether the questions are the ones to be asked or not…

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February 5, 2008 at 12:01

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