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Every once in a while, The Hindu shows us why it’s a class apart

Pakistan invokes the ‘K’ word

Special CorrespondentNew Delhi: Pakistan on Tuesday responded to India’s call for the United Nations to act against the Jamat-ud-Dawah and other organisations linked to the Mumbai terrorist attacks by saying it would ban the outfit if asked by the U.N. to do so. But it also added the diplomatic equivalent of a non-sequitur by invoking the ‘K’ word and calling for terrorism’s “root causes” to be addressed.

Speaking at a special session on terrorism of the Security Council, Pakistan’s U.N. ambassador began by saying he was “deeply troubled” by what had happened in Mumbai. “The best outcome of the tragedy,” he said a few seconds later, “would be the resolution of the issue of Kashmir.”

Exercising its right of reply, the Indian delegation responded by stressing the important issue was that terrorist groups had used Pakistani territory to launch attacks against India. “That country must take real action against those groups, instead of bringing up extraneous issues,” an Indian diplomat told the Council.

All we now need is for some one to state what is obviously the subcontinent version of the Godwin’s law

“As any discussion between India and Pakistan approaches a state requiring concrete action, the probability of either side raising the Kashmir issue approaches one.”

Led Zeppelin, I think, puts it best

PS: For full fundaes on The Hindu, read Aadisht

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Atoms shall be split, Blood shall spill, Crush them we shall, Death shall be our present, Earth shall go red. Fires shall spread, Guns shall roar, Hearts shall break, ‘I’s shall vanish. Join in death the unjoined, Kings for kings, Life for life, Man for man. Oaths shall be broken, Pain shall reign, Quiet shall death make, Rivers shall blood make, Souls shall be tested. Teams shall form, Us vs them , Victors write the accounts, Wars shall be won, X defeats Y, Young & old dead alike, Zany affair in hindsight!

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