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A new year

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1) Tata Nano unveiled: we CAN design something that the common man needs/wants

2) IGMDP is wrapped up! Because: we wanted to build missiles that were needed by our defense forces. We did it.

2) Indian Navy stands up to the Russian suppliers

3) PM is visiting China, are the above two timed for this?

4) Down under, Aussies still don’t get it why they can’t bully us forever

Written by kowsik

January 12, 2008 at 10:06

Toli Paluku

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One more year starts, and the same old question comes back to haunt again. Can we call ourselves “the thinking men”? Most of our actions can’t be classified as ‘carefully (to whatever maybe the degree of seriousness) thought out’, ‘new year’ for example. Never could I get the reason why the year has to start with Jan. Nothing particularly special about the month… none at all, none at the planetary level, not to speak of the universe… or may be there are, somethings that we are yet to figure out.I can think of some wierd theory, but then that’s what the theory is going to be: wierd. The theory goes like this:

for an average human on this planet the day that stands out in a particular year is always the day that he was born on, atleast the one that he believes that he was born on. It doesn’t take too many assumptions from here (it’s always in the assumptions you see) to deduce that the new year for any person starts on his birthday (or is it the day after that? Doesn’t matter, it’s one of those two).

May be some one born on Jan 1st must have been influential enough (or cunning enough, it all depends on which way you see it… or what you want to assume) to convince everyone by some means or other that the day when he believes the year starts has to be THE DAY for everyone else.

For all probability this person might (have) be(en) God. Now one might ask, “if he is God, why is it that everyone in this planet doesn’t believe in the same day for new year to start?”

This is the simplest part. “God spoke in his language, Man understood in his!

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January 12, 2005 at 15:52

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