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November 26, 1949: Consitution of India is Passed by the Constituent Assembly

November 26, 2008: Mumbai attacked by terrorists

Attack on India?

From known history, this building was among the early displays of Indian nationalism. Considering how much research the terror groups behind this attack appear to have done, this is nothing but a declaration of war? Beyond this obvious comment on the entire incident, more important are the following:

1) Why was there a situation such that the ATS chief had to be involved in a shoot-out?

2) Why did it take 6 hours for the army to be called into action?

3) Do we have any sort of central level system/protocol to meet terror attacks?


On a lighter vein, now that the incident has come to an end,

If there is a terror attack in India, and we don’t accuse Pakistan of complicity, would the ISI-chief be sacked?

Written by kowsik

November 29, 2008 at 10:07

Posted in courage, death, life

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