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The Dark Knight is an awesome movie, almost real. Almost! The only shortcoming, the one that forces the ‘almost‘, is this: if it were real life, the joker would’ve got everything and the Knights would’ve ended-up heart-broken. I know, I belong to the half-empty school of thought. A sound school of thought, I must defend myself- emptiness seems to be the most abundant thing in the universe, the only thing I conclude that I can count on. I can’t understand my conclusion though, it is proving to be a very hard task to manage.

On an arguably related note, is it of any consolation to know that the much-wanted prize, that one was forbidden to fight for, was never a prize? Should one feel relieved, for being spared of the Albatross situation, or should one give-in to the frustration at the futility of it all? Which is worse: to find out that one is fallible, or to find out that every one is?

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July 27, 2008 at 13:41

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