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I think we, as a nation, are in our teens. Like teenagers, we hate everyone and everything related to us. We are desperate to be like others, and just like teenagers, for all the wrong reasons.

What do we hate (some favourites):

1) Our culture: Our hatred for our culture is comprehensive. As one might suspect, comprehensive feeling is not possible with even an iota of knowledge. Sure enough, we know nothing of our culture, and we reserve the best of our efforts to maintain it that way. What peripheral knowledge we do have is what is taught by those who make careers out of scandalizing the sacred, who we love for making our job easier (and hate for being such smart-asses).

2) Our origins: By this, I mean our independence and related events/personalities. Here our feelings are not as comprehensive as those concerning our culture. Though this might hint at the prevalence of some knowledge, the actual reason is our confusion as to whom to hate. For example, our understanding of the entire freedom movement and initial few years of independent India can be summed by the question: “Gandhi or Nehru, who should we hate more?” For the life of ours, we can’t imagine how Nehru could’ve screwed-up so much, further we have more difficulty in pointing out the issues where he screwed-up. For that we need to know our past, which is not a fashionable thing to do anyway! Had Patel lived a bit longer, we would be hating him too, we mildly dislike him now for denying us that opportunity.

3) Ourselves: We hate ourselves. Actually we don’t have the courage to admit it, so we claim to hate the junta. We wish we were born taller, stronger, fairer, wiser etc, all without having to change anything about ourselves. As Calvin says, we don’t want to think that we don’t deserve something.

4) Our leaders: “Our leaders are above us, not by raising higher but by crushing us to the bottom.” That, in short, is our opinion of our leaders. If there is one thing that every single Indian is convinced of, it is that we deserve better leaders (whatever that should mean!) Our hatred for our leaders raises to such an extent during elections that, we refuse to vote. Not surprisingly they never leave us.

5) USA: Odd one out actually. Poor Americans definitely don’t deserve to be hated and ridiculed by us, if only they hadn’t committed the unpardonable sin: being what we dream of being. We hate them so much, that we have started loving the British, so much so that we never miss a chance to point out how British our English is, unlike the Americans’… I know, it’s a tough world for dreamers!

The list of course is much longer, the above few are some personal favourites. We blame all the above for the source of all our problems. Not so surprisingly, we are not sure about who is to blame for what! There does exist a brighter side to this: we can’t get worse, so the only way things can change is for the better.

Written by kowsik

July 8, 2008 at 10:04