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Fear not, good news has come: Balayya is back. After killing half of AP in his movies (and there-by losing all his fan-base), he has decided to take on immortal (no-more mortal) targets, like his dad (NTR!) Such is his efficiency these days that he deserves the title, “Yamaia!” In what can only be his ingenious solution to the global warming, he has decided to transmit the excess heat released by mankind to revv-up the Earth, rather than warm it. By remaking this old devotional movie that NTR seems to have done a good job in, he has made sure that his dad is spinning crazy in his grave. The visible effects of this eccentricity seem to be the recent quakes in China. Strange are the ways of Balayya…

Back to the title, ob’ly I couldn’t stop myself from youtubing… and found this GEM from the original:

The opening lines mean, “It’s a leather bag with nine holes, whose collapse is certain. So, realize the danger (you fools)…”. These guys talk like leather merchants but, I have a feeling that they are not! Beyond the not-so obvious metaphysical interpretations of their song, I think there is a profound issue being demonstrated in this video. I haven’t seen the movie but, thanks to my grand-mom, I have a vague outline of this story: “Dude is shown THE path that leads to liberation by his parents but, as do all of us, follows the road of excess that surely must lead to the palace of wisdom (but doesn’t, as concluded by a certain William Blake)… As with any such story this involves his transformation from the dark side to the way of the force. The dudes in this video most probably give the much needed force for this change.”

Now, to the issue: In most stories there is a pattern, at the beginning things are in a reasonable state. Progressively things get worse and then, there enter a few characters whose sole purpose in the story is to the throw light upon the change of outlook needed by the protagonists to overcome the sad state. This makes sense too, as most of us do have someone or other pointing out something ‘wierd’ that we keep doing when we are down. Among literary examples, Siddhartha had his Gautama, Philip had his Cronshaw… the crudest examples being the ‘inspirational speech’ givers in most of the sports and rebellion movies (Independece Day?) The best that Hollywood ever managed was Captain Koons

I agree that this is a well composed satire on what has been their foreign policy and all that, but it is not the best in this category. The best, of course, are in old telugu movies: the wandering rock-stars like those in the above clip. They are awesome, and That is the truth.

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June 26, 2008 at 11:37

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  1. That Dr koons one…. macchi is amazing!! straight face when he says what he does…


    July 8, 2008 at 10:51

  2. Yes man, Christopher Walken is awesome in this clip


    July 8, 2008 at 11:25

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