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Some years start with a bang. Looks like this is one of those, Tibet’s up in flames. The Chinese, probably, wanted to carry the Olympic flame to the top of the world to show their might, as it goes with the ‘best laid plans‘, the roof caught fire instead! All the while, we are doing what we do best: watch, applaud and argue over the stats

As Signal at writes

The Olympics in August this year will only ensure that the Chinese have to adopt a twin pronged approach. On the one hand they would want to welcome the world and the international press to showcase the economic might that China has become, with its fantastic stadiums and breathtaking architecture and infrastructure while at the same time black out questions on the freedom of speech and religious freedoms in the country. Given this dilemma the Chinese will find questions on Tibet even tougher to answer. China will have to realize that globalization and the fruits that come with it, have also an important caveat. The more one opens to the world the more the world will scrutinize your systems. The dissent that China sees is the result of that sobering lesson that globalization has to offer.

This image from the same site completes the irony

Tibet steals the show

Every one agrees that China is on the rise, every one agrees that the brutality in the Chinese policies is going to cause lot of trouble for all others, but every one forgets this while investing in China to improve their immediate/short-term profits which are directly dependent on the very policies that they complain about… Is China this century’s Germany?

Written by kowsik

April 17, 2008 at 23:38

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