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“How many roads must a man walk down
Before you call him a man?

Bob Dylan must have been a big pain to his parents, there are only so many questions that one can answer without losing it. Pontifications over the futility of existence don’t usually lead to Bob Dylan. But as they say, stuff operates in mysterious ways… mistaken ways too as I am being forced to realize, forcing the questions:

How many mistakes must a man make before he grows any wiser? How many times must a man repeat a mistake before he grows through it? How often must we be reminded of the schism, between `what we do’ and `what we believe in’, before we accept it? And how many repititions of this does it take for us to evolve? Does it have any implications regarding the unnamed quesions of life?

That our actions are determined by habit, but not by reason, is what stops me from taking solace in the expectation that the questions of life can be answered by mathematics. While it is true that mathematics is the one infallible achievement of mankind, it raises at the same time the possibility that it may not be of much help in answering our most fervent questions. Our most accurate understanding of any natural phenomenon is in the form of nonlinear equations. Even for the most seemingly trivial processes, though we know the equations predicting anything with `reasonable’ accuracy takes us atleast a 1000 times as much as the entire duration of the actual event itself! Same goes for most of the fundamental constants, starting with “pi”… Even if math provides us the answer, can we understand it? Or, are we at that stage of evolution where there is a significant increase in the role of reason in the behaviour of living beings? Is mathematics just a continuation of the series of changes since the loss of our tails? Is it the case that we have the right tools, but we don’t know what to do with our tools?

What does this outlook have on my favourite topics: “Is there a point to life?”, “Is there a point in wondering about whether there is a point?”, “What if the best way of life is that of persistent introspection?”, “What if it is a path of uninterrupted observation: Introspection – Analysis?” “Is such a life any better than an `unexamined’ one?”, “Our thoughts are only as real as we ourselves are, should that be of any consequence?” etc. I don’t know, either that or I don’t want to know! Think as much as I can, I can’t seem to escape from the fact that I am still a creature of habit!

As Bob Dylan himself concludes, “The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind”

Written by kowsik

March 2, 2008 at 10:02