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Aap Ka Surroor– The Review

The short version:


Plan 9… is history, His Story is the new story.”
Beyond the realms of Satyajit Ray begin those of HR. Ray had vision, Reshammia has camera.

The trouser version:

Any discussion about this movie is meaningless without some background. In the recent past the German government allowed the filming of two foreign movie series’s on its soil. Jason Bourne series was one, Chronicles of Himesji being the other. Rumour has it that opinion was divided as to which was the right decision. Officially it still is.

Barring his countless die-hard fans, many seem to have failed to get the point behind this Pranayama. This post exists not because of any social-service streak, but the kick of God that I experienced in my sleep for not sharing the enlightenment that dawned on me during the course of this movie with those who are still in the dark. Wisdom seems to be too hot to be handled by one person, or as Himesji says, ” ”

The movie has many threads, and unlike the more famous Almodovar’s movies, their connection is not apparent till the end of the movie… and even at the end, unlike with Almodovar, the connection doesn’t strike the viewer immediately. This has nothing to do with the many questions raised in the movie, nor with the innumerable explanations for things otherwise inexplicable… and finally it has nothing to do with the elusive Aryan wet-dream of Himmmmler. Infinite threads, He is not in any of them. He is not a collection of threads, He is the Occam’s razor that cuts them, and how He cuts!

While Himesji keeps the movie alive on his own nose, the elusive connection keeps the viewer alert. The search continues through out the movie, so much stuff thrown in, so few explanations in the mind’s reach… when Himesji speaks, Tarantino shuts up, what chance has Almodovar got? The end comes and the end passes, you rewind the movie… after a couple of attempts, when the titles are running over the dark screen and when your finger unconsciously is about to reach the eject button, it is then that you see your reflection on the screen. You stupid moron, YOU!!!

PS: Yes, Himesji sings all the songs, even when the voice sounds feminine, it is not, it’s just Hisssmmaya misleading our ears.
PS2: Himesji rocks, in the same way as Aishwarya Rai (rai means stone in my mother tongue, coincidence?)

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July 28, 2007 at 05:50