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“President Pratibha Patil” What pathetic rot!

Not a voice for VVS Laxman, and we need Uranium from Australia! Fine, I can understand he is a bit too clean, same as Kalam. If you want some one the Politicians are comfortable with, why not Azhar? While Laxman’s wrist-work is amazing, Azhar’s is electrifying. What is more important than that for a post whose sole function is to stamp or to sign? Grace where needed, how else can we show everyone that we take our jobs seriously. You want someone assertive, someone who stands up whenever the government is doing wrong: get Dhanraj Pillai. He will always be up, and what dribbling skills he has… Pratibha Patil itseems, what has the nation come to? Fine, these guys haven’t really been tested on their public speaking skills, one must admit that post-match comments were always Azzu bhai’s Achilles heel. How about Amitabh Bachchan? Isn’t he the other father of our nation? When we as a nation lost our way, did he not remind us who our baap is and what that rishtaa is? He is a man for all seasons, he can empathize with citizens from all walks of life: from mafia dons to horny old men(surely we have the equivalent to Oval Office). We don’t know about his wrist-work, but if such things are hereditary, surely he mustn’t be bad. And he loves giving speeches, unlike our skilled sportspersons. And his wisdom, where do I start? Consider this: whoever said that the world is a stage was only generalizing the Bachchan, the nation is a movie and stage is too countrie…Not to speak of collateral benefits: for once we will be rid of having to watch the common element of all movies released in Bollywood (earlier it was better, it used to be Hindi). What more do you ask for? And People talk of Pratibha Patil… Can she say “Hain” even with a millionth of the attitude??

I mean forget the rest, think of the gender, for God’s sake

Written by kowsik

June 28, 2007 at 19:00

Posted in cribs, life

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    July 4, 2007 at 21:23

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