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Ankit, the dude of dudes who almost became the one with a D, suddenly is showing trends of changing to the lanes of dudelessness (post 1, post 2). This post is for him, hence the title (thanks to his parents for foreseeing this part of his life).

This post begins here

To begin with, had I been Ankit, I would’ve screamed my whateveroff, “what right do you have to…”. I am not, so I will not.

Before elaborating, I will do a favour to all those who fail to see the point of Ankit’s posts and my present post. The point of much of metaphysics is about the pointlessness of human existence and so on and so forth (whatever has replaced this set of words in the modern vocabulary). Our posts are not much different from that: if you have the stomach and the grey matter to take it, “Hi”. If not “!”

Now, Ankit, to business.


You haven’t seen Star Wars till the screen has Princess Lea in the Golden Bikini (truth be told, neither have I). You need to hold back your comments on StarWars till then. Only after you watch that scene of cinematic whatever do you have the right to be so emphatic. Till then, “Tone it down!”

Mel Gibson

It’s all about attitude. Let us discuss in detail the case of the movie Braveheart. I saw only the best parts of the movie: Sophie Marceau rules. I am happy. You can borrow that attitude, no probs. I mean, did you really watch the whole movie??? For what??? I mean, “dude!!!!”

Forrest Gump

On a semiacademic note Gump has an IQ of 70, and he lands in bed with Jenny. You and I… you get the point (let’s say we have our shoulders, go on blogging)


Isn’t it amazing how much thought is needed to explain the acts of the thoughtless?

To all others: I was agreeing with Ankit there.


Cricket requires bowling talent and batting technique

I am sure you had Sehwag, Dhoni… on your mind while saying this. Guess it’s all relative anyway

And hey, thanks for switching off the comments.

You forgot one movie though: American Beauty–“there’s so much beauty, it hurts” 😉

Written by kowsik

April 6, 2007 at 04:39

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  1. Ok I completely agree with you on all the points:

    I have heard that Princess Lea rules all over the place so I have to give it to you…

    Sophie Marceau kicks all the asses available in the theatre in that one scene so I have to give this one too…

    Jenny takes ass kickery to a whole new level and anyone managing to do what that IQ 70 person did deserves a whole lot more praise, so this one is also yours…

    Meanwhile it was a good idea switching off the comments, wasn’t it 🙂 ? It was not because of you but some people who make a living out of kicking my ass :)…


    April 6, 2007 at 07:37

  2. I think so too, on some works of art you don’t want any one else’s ink.

    But I don’t agree with the ass kicking part. Everyone tries to kick your ass, whether they succeed or not is something that you decide. Then why bother 🙂


    April 6, 2007 at 15:52

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