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Long long time ago, there was a teacher who had a legendary student. When asked by his teacher to aim at a bird’s eye, the student is said to have fixed his sight on the bird’s eye. He saw the bird’s eye, and nothing more. It is an account that almost every Indian knows, but it is also an account that almost no one believes in: the common excuse being that even if it were not a story, he was not of our generation.

Coming to our own generation, images and stories are widely circulated about a tennis player who plays the Tennis ball as if it were a Basket ball, and dominates the rectangular Tennis court as if his half of the court were a hundred times smaller than his opponent’s. Some worship Him, some love him, some admire him… some can’t stand him.

As Stephen King said about writing, Roger Federer would probably laugh it away, “The angles are there everywhere.” What separates him from the rest is the ability to recognize and go for the angles. The more I think about it, the more am I convinced that mankind has only three constituents: there are Men who see the angles, there are men who see the Men and finally there are morons. I am not talking about tennis anymore.

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February 19, 2007 at 00:00

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