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A few days back a group of young guys (some IITians) announced that they are starting a political party (‘Paritrana’), creating a big debate in many places. For one another time in the recent past I had the privilege to get shocked by the reactions of many people to this event. Everyone of us had a few hundred reasons as to why these guys are going to fail. Were we afraid of their possible failure? Or couldn’t we stand their courage? Did we envy them for having the guts to stand up and try to do something?A few days back, a friend of mine quite emphatically announced (copying a tv ad) about an attempt of mine, “Pappu pass ho gaya!” At a first glance, the comment missed the painful truth that beginning is only half the battle and, more often than not, the easier half. Does it mean that Pappu shouldn’t have tried at all?

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January 19, 2006 at 04:12

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